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How to Keep Pests Away Pests can be a menace to people’s homes. This is not only because they try to take up the little space available in people’s homes but also cause a lot of damage to items. People hate to find pets roaming about their homes as they carry out their activities. They therefore try to find methods of killing them. Pest exterminators have found various ways of enabling people to get rid of these annoying pests. This assures people of the safety of their food and clothing. One of the major ways suggested is ensuring that all holes are covered. Openings and dark areas are pests favorite places to thrive. If the holes are filled, the pests will not find a thriving place. All bushes should also be cleared so that o space is left for them to thrive. It is also necessary to conduct regular cleaning of the home so that any eggs laid are got rid of. There is thus effective control of the pests. Pesticide use is another method recommended by the exterminators. There is a wide range of pesticides designed to get rid of different types of pests. It is important that people go for the most appropriate one. The pesticides either keep the pests away or kills them instantly. Their breeding areas are sprayed using these pesticides. Some of these pesticides are in form of powder which the pests feed on and die. The pesticides should be used in the right proportions for them to be effective. Failure to which results into the pests developing resistance. Pest eradication therefore becomes easy.
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Some pests such as cockroaches can be eradicated by physically killing them. For rodents, traps are laid along the paths they use frequently. They can as well place grains to attract them. The traps collapse and kill the rodents once they get into contact with them. Hitting till death is also a method of pest control. It is important that people kill pests they come across. The pests will thus not migrate to other areas. It should however be used hand in hand with other pest control methods.
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Introducing pets that feed on the pests is another control method. Having a cat will keep away rats and lizards as the cat feeds on them. This acts as a very cheap way of controlling pests. The cat will also be able to identify rodents as soon as they set in. In order to help with the control of pests, people should ensure that they find out the best animals to introduce. Getting rid of pests assure people of many advantages. There will be no crop failure if people control pests. Every person should ensure that they play their role in controlling pests. They will thus not be given an opportunity to increase in number.