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Potty Training Rules for Toddlers One of the most important milestones in a toddler and parent’s life is potty training. Toilet training means teaching your children how to go to the toilet when they have the urge to go number 1 or 2. When it comes to potty training, it can either be a nightmare for other parents, while some may find it not that difficult of a task to achieve. The truth is, as long as parents know what methods to use and when to use, potty training really isn’t all that bad. What makes potty training difficult for parents? A lot of parents may not realize it, but most of them actually force their children thus making potty training more difficult than it is. Potty training is a crucial part of a child’s life and it should not be rushed, your child will be ready when he is so there is no need to treat it like a contest. The important thing is to know when your child shows signs that he or she is ready to do the task.
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Here are some questions you should ask yourself, knowing the answers will help you determine the readiness of your child:
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Do you see any signs that your child is interested in going to the toilet by themselves? Do you notice any signals given by your children when they want to go? Does your child seem quite intrigued and interested in the toilet or potty? When he feels discomfort with this diaper. Do you see him pulling down on his underwear? You already probably have all the answers to the questions, so if you notice all of the above things then your child is already fit to be potty trained. Ways to Teach your Children Communication Like anything else, communication is crucial – you need to talk to them and teach them when and how to use the bathroom properly. Your child will have a hard time working out how to use the bathroom if you do not make them understand. In traduce the bathroom to them, show where the toilet is and how to flush it after use. You know how the toilet makes a cool whooshing sound when it is flushed? Kids get excited with this sound, thus making them excited to use it. Visuals Children react well to photos and images, so you can show them photos and images to help them follow instructions faster. The visual aids will help your child learn quicker. No Diapers You will find this part difficult because you will need to clean the floors a lot every time they have an accident. When at home, do not let the toddler wear diapers because it makes them think about where else to put their waste, making them look for a new place to poo or pee. Rewards and Appreciation There will be hits or misses, during the successful times, appreciate the child’s effort but every time they forget to go to the toilet, do not scold them either. Remember these tips to make potty training a lot easier for you and your kids.