New Secretary Of Education Announced

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One may further marvel about the knowledge of allowing persons, or corporations, to determine the place their tax dollars must be directed. After an underwhelming confirmation listening to in which Ms. DeVos appeared unaware of main provisions of federal education regulation, such because the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act, some Senate workplaces reported receiving more calls opposing Ms. DeVos than every other Trump nominee.

An Education Secretary must be devoted to promoting and improving public education, but she has devoted her career to dismantling it. Indeed, she’s the chief of the crusade to create personal faculty vouchers, heading up American Federation for Kids and giving enormous sums of cash to enact voucher programs across the nation.

All the pieces about education reform is offered to the public using terminology that’s the exact reverse of what it really does, and they consider it. They think they are doing good, and the ultra wealthy stay lives which can be utterly insulated from the remainder of us, in order that they never will see exactly the hurt that their insurance policies are inflicting.

Our imagined Secretary would enlist the Secretary of Health and Human Companies and colleagues NIH and the CDC and EPA for their experience in assuring the building materials are constructed with kids’s well being in mind, security from toxic chemical compounds, with clean air and water a given.

So DFER’s Shavar Jeffries, president of an organization that blames instructor unions for failure in urban colleges, put out a statement that congratulates-sure, congratulates-the billionaire heiress Besty DeVos for her appointment as Donald Trump’s education secretary and, worse, Jeffries applauds” her commitment to constitution schools.