Figuring Out Healing

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Emotional Trauma -What is it and how to Overcome it How do you define emotional trauma in simple terms? Emotional trauma is basically an emotional instability state consisting of fear and uneasiness for a certain situation and your soul, mind and body are all affected whenever you experience the same incident. Emotional trauma occurrences are in fact unwanted phenomena to anyone but you cannot control it from happening. This is true because everyone is entitled to experiencing trauma and this is often the cause of their despair and struggles that greatly affects their entire well being. There must be certain events in your life that you have experienced that you were put in a very helpless situation which make it a traumatic one. There might be a situation in your life that might have come once or multiple times already but still it is a scenario that you are unable to overcome and withstand making it unwanted in your life. The often outcome of this is that your sanity is affected in a way that you are unable to think properly for the given situation and you all feel is fear and confusion.
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According to researches and studies conducted, the very source of psychological disturbances is in fact coming from your early childhood experiences. The most common experiences include but not limited to being a victim of sexual abuse, violence, or even if you only saw it but was not physically abused. At a very young age, you often choose not to disclose or share this experience that is why it will become a memory that is very stressing to you. Adults who will unfortunately experience the same situation during their childhood will in fact give distress to them in an unexpected manner.
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Whenever you get to experience situations such as wars, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and flood, you will eventually become shocked to these incidents and will bring you emotional strain. Once you are being acknowledged as victim of these phenomena, it creates phobia to you and eventually perceived the same situations as threat in your life. This is actually a normal state after the incident but there are those who are unable to control it. But in case you experience severity, you are recommended to undergo certain medical treatment that is handled by therapists, nurses and physicians. If ever you have family and friends who are already showing signs of emotional trauma, it is a must to intervene and seek for professional help. It is also important that you are able to identify the root cause so that treatment is accurately done. There are trauma specialists who can handle your situations or you can seek from consciousness teachers’ assistance.